Monthly Strategy Report

Each month, paying subscribers receive our premier piece of research from Investment Director Tom Dyson. It's our top idea, whether it be a stock, commodity, income, or other investment. These detailed research pieces are also where you'll find any changes to our long-term strategy, including what chose those changes are and why.

We’re probably entering one of the greatest stock pickers markets ever. And I think there’ll be plenty of special situations we can take advantage of…
I’ve been eager to recommend LNG investments since we launched Bonner Private Research 15 months ago. Burning natural gas to generate electricity…
The world economy is cooling. Many economists are seeing leading indicators plunge and are calling for a recession this year. I’m starting to see…
The forces of deflation are immense. And without intervention, they will quickly overwhelm the economy and lead to a disorderly liquidation and economic…
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The 'shock wave' felt around the world is still coming. In the meantime, other dominoes are falling. Here's what it means...and what to do now.
A new monthly report and a review of our Asset Allocations and our Strategy for the rest of 2022.
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