Hi Bill, Why not offer a Bonner Private Research subscription free to every U.S. Congressman/woman and every U.S. Senator? It would be great if at least one of these federal office holders then had the guts to read each of your daily comments into the Congressional Record?

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Turning "it" over to AI? That's a laugh. AI exists for the sole purpose of promoting, sustaining, and reinforcing the current regime of "deciders". AI might, could expose the scam. Like hell that'll happen. Best always. PM

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Aahhh, Mr Bonner, today you have put together a delightful string of sentences which have drawn me in to comment upon.

©️”… the pickle that the feds …are hostage to their own bamboozles…. reckless, petty swindlers… owe money all over town …they don’t pay up, there are likely to be consequences …horrible situation… devoted their whole careers to avoiding hard choices and unpleasant consequences.” And then, there are those ominous bonus lines: “Aces and eights.” https://tinyurl.com/mry498nz

And, “…wait…here comes another Deus ex Machina.”

Thankfully, I have no original opinions myself which leaves me to rely on a quote from POTUS #3: “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." — Thomas Jefferson

Not yet. Patiently. Waiting for enough fear to settle in and around the reclaimed wetlands (a.k.a. swamp) around the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers which we all have come know and love as Washington, D.C.

Since I have no opinions, my fellow readers may recognize the following and draw their own conclusions:

▫️There Are No Debt-Based Solutions to the Debt Predicament!

At root, the debt predicament is a monetary phenomenon. The currency in which debts are owed is itself a debt instrument. Therefore we “maximum security” BPR adherents have been converting OUT of “dollar denominated debt instruments” AND into GOLD.

U.S. Federal Reserve notes are backed by nothing but faith AND credit. Since they do NOT represent anything tangible, such as a particular quantity of gold or silver, they can be issued in unlimited quantities.

In theory, the amount of debt the government can take on is unlimited since the debt doesn’t represent anything real. It only represents an obligation to generate a quantity of currency in the future. New currency can always be generated by borrowing more of it into existence and, if necessary, tapping the “lender of last resort” – the Federal Reserve.

And on the topic of “reserves”, there’s the (SPR) strategic petroleum reserve draw down; which is an opening to segue for another of our national treasure reserve reservoirs. When the backs of State governments are pushed up against the wall and 40 million lives are dependent on having enough water to sustain life in the American Southwest... it has taken a year to come to terms for only a 3 year deal. Another “kick the can down the road” worths of negotiating to help prevent a collapse of the Colorado River system.

The Colorado River Deal

The three (3) lower basin states of the Colorado River—California, Nevada, and Arizona—agreed to CUT their water usage by 3 million acre-feet through 2026 in a boost to the system's historically low levels (see charts below). The proposal, which comes after a historic winter of precipitation provided some relief, caps a year of negotiations between a federal agency and the impacted states.

The Colorado River supports roughly 40 million people across seven (7) states, including the upper basin's Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico (see map). A century of overallocation has depleted the river, with reservoirs Lake Mead and Lake Powell edging toward "dead pool" status, where reduced flows can't pass through dams. Some experts claim system stabilization requires an annual reduction of 4 million acre-feet, or a 25% cut overall.

All seven states approved the latest agreement ahead of a May 30 deadline triggering federal mandatory cuts, the first ever. Negotiations are expected to begin later this year on a longer-term deal to reach system stability. See a timeline of the Colorado River's history here.

Notes for power pool & dead pool water levels

▫️Lake Powell (northern upstream) Water Levels - https://arachnoid.com/NaturalResources/powell.html - note: power pool & dead pool

▫️Lake Mead (southern downstream) Water Levels - https://arachnoid.com/NaturalResources/index.html

The the water cycle and the life cycle are one. The negative impact on humans will be immeasurable.

▫️Map of the Colorado River system watershed sources - https://www.usgs.gov/media/images/colorado-river-basin-map

Now, back to the falling business dominos - https://tinyurl.com/3bzfpnat

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We need term and age limits to apply. Personnel change is our only hope.

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Bill Bonner's statement "In any case, when you’re over 80, whatever the price – war, inflation, bankruptcy – someone else is likely to pay it, not you." Is completely true and since both my wife and I are 82, it is small comfort to know that. Particularly since the politicians whose only real goal, despite their protests to the contrary, are to be re-elected and stay in power indefinitely will NEVER do what is right for the country but only what they calculate will result in enough votes for re-election. The only folks worse than the politicians are the political "scientists" who shill for the politicians for money rather than principle.

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If we default then don’t pay anybody or anyone. Until the dumbasses who got us in this mess know what the problem is.

Cut, close, layoff, furlough whatever to get to EVEN.

RECEIPTS = Expenditures

Maybe some groups will get PO’ed.

GOOD, maybe they will realize that we mean business.

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Yes Bill, even the good pastor Franklin Graham agrees with you "Every Demon from hell has been turned loose in society" he recently stated...

What if those same "human" Feds you speak of are really demons in human disguise? Kind of makes sense, along with most of our current politicians, media moguls, union leaders, Tech heads, Bank CEOs, and half of our population...

But these are only the demons from hell, mere workers that follow their big bosses direction...only followers of the big boss.

Yes, they have been here before, many times throughout millennium, and every time they rule, society experiences a cleansing, as the many souls who follow the insanity are taken to the place they worship.

Yes Bill, science and technology are always faced with hard choices, but man is not. We can do either good or evil, right or wrong...Humans have a good sense of right or wrong, a natural moral compass, a common sense of judgment, a code of behavior and honor, but as we see in our country today, Demons do not...Demoncrats? I believe so...

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"The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury." - George Washington

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The first place that Yellen can delay paying is the interest on the $8.5 trillion that the Fed holds. They certainly couldn’t complain about that.

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You should say: Janet Yellen knows that the US government wouldn’t need to borrow money if the government would do its job and make the hard choices on the spending side.

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Bill, so many prepositional phrases shows a lot of action going on and nothing getting done. I have seen this movie so many times that Roku is looking better and better. Take seven trillion and give it to the good folks who fund this dog and pony show and let them pay taxes on it. Then hidin Biden will have all the money he needs. Just sayin'

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If my teenager was charging into oblivion, I would have already planted my boot halfway up his ass!

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An extinction size asteroid is the only solution!!! Make sure you have a full bar and the shrooms are on hand. Or, if you have family and friends, enjoy your final moments with them, find comfort in your faith, and bravely accept your fate. It's been one hell of a journey.

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I think the Government takes in about $400 billion every month. That is more than enough to pay social security, military, etc. and still have money left over.

Default or we vote you out until we find someone who TAKE AWAY THE GOVERNMENT CREDIT CARD!

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I think that making a constitutional amendment that all elected Politicians have a fuduciary responsiblity to American Taxpayers. If found guilty of violating that that responsibility they are charged with treason. Add Bankers in there too. But, ha ha good luck with that.

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Bill and crew, I hope you're right and they will actually have to face the flames they deserve. They've always found a way out, and it's hard to believe they won't this time even if they have to be more creative than ever before in history to do so. False Flag comes to mind along with WW, or another Mercenary conflict foisted upon the world.

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